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Daily Devotion
Find Your Strength Through God
KJB Daily Devotion – Following Jesus Through Every Chapter Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2016 Chapters: Isaiah 25-28 Message: Find Your Strength Through God Hello My Friend, The past couple of weeks in Sunday school we have been discussing the dispensations, which means to administer, as laws to particular cases. It is the sin nature of man that brings us in a direction that has nothing to do with God, and while today we are no longer under the law of works for our salvation, God still deals with sin the same way, and it separates us from Him. God may have had different ways in which He dealt with man over the centuries in regards to reconciliation, but one thing He never changes is His desire for all of His creation to acknowledge and love Him, which is why He sent Jesus. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but... (more)

Jangan sampelah ini gw nyangkut di suami orang. Shit, dia hangat banget sih. Harus gw akui, dia salah satu penyebab gw menyesal gak beredar jaman dulu. Seandainya gw beredar, dia mau jadi pacar gw? Ah, blom tentu juga. Hate the fact that I couldn't have him. Bahkan gw gk boleh nyium dia ya, cuma buat nyicip dia sedikit? Ah, gw barusan udah ngebayangin ciuman ma dia. Brengsek banget gw kalo udh kyk gini. Kenapa sih kita gak pacaran aja pas sma? Itu kan masa-masa terindah kita Yo.

Mystery Words
I try to go to places where I will find Spanish words I don't know. Today, I read passages from the Holy Bible in Spanish. There were a lot of words there that I didn't know. So everything was new to me. The words were like little mysteries I had to solve. What is this word? What does it mean? Also, there was the satisfaction of finding out and knowing what the words meant. I looked in the Book of Proverbs which is chock full of these mystery words. Two words I really liked were "colinas" and "sabiduria." Another place you can find new words in Spanish is in menus at restaurants. The meal itself is a mystery, because you don't yet know what the words mean. When you order the food, then you know what the words or phrases meant to say. You can also ask the waiter or waitress to explain the words in the menu. That is a great way to immerse yourself in the language. Mystery words, then, are something you can always look at when you are anywhere on the globe. I want to... (more)

.: LifeHasBegun:.
Makan Makan Makan Makan @
Dapur Penyet

Apa lagi lah aktiviti kau kan Laila!. Hahah Sementara tengah free skit nieh, meh la clearkan draf. Gambar ini rasanya masa Naim balik sebelum puasa hari tu. Dah lama dah. (Ok dah check dalam ipad, gambar ini masa 16 April lepas) Rasanya masa ini first time makan Dapur Penyet sebab paksa Naim suh belanja. Maklumlah birthday girl, haruslah ada kuasa veto :) Bulatnyaaaaaa muka time nieee. Walaupun sekarang tak berapa lah nak runcing sangat. Sebab tu dah malas nak selfie. Sebab ngeri tengok muka sendiri. Time ni bapak pun ada, tapi rasanya kitaorang tengah tunggu bapak solat kot. Sebab tu tak dak dalam gambar. Ni lah teman gaduh and teman bermanja dekat rumah sekarang. Kalau nanti dah balik Johor, haruslah kesunyian. Gaduh dengan Alya Maisarah la pulak. Hahaha. Licin! Sedap gak. Dulu dok makan dekat Ayam Penyet, tapi lepas dah tutup tak tau dah dekat mana lagi ada. Mujur dekat Mydin Mall Jalan Baru ada Dapur Penyet. Jadilah dapat hilangkan teringin. TIme nie baru dok... (more)

The Option
1 August 2017. That’s the option to exercise. Yes, to stay a bit longer. No, to launch myself into a whole new world. Sigh. I’m always scared to talk about this. But, hey, decision, decision. I gotta have to make a decision. And so, here’s the deal. $15k to go, to pay back my debts. I’ll be able to have that amount of money by February next year. That will be like, $1.6k of savings every month, starting next month. I really hope I save that much of money. With that, I will be debt free starting March 2017. I’ll then wait for the bonus month, July. That will all go to my insurance saving plan. I’ll also have about 5 months of savings for the extra. Looks like a pretty a good plan huh. Well, I do hope so.

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